Patient Reviews

“It’s much more value than having money in the bank, I’d rather have my sight”


Lens Replacement Surgery
January 2022

After developing problems with his right eye, Martin was told he had a fast growing pre-capsular cataract “It developed really quickly in the last nine months”.

Already having to wear glasses for distance and then needing them for reading, he ended up having 3-4 pairs of glasses at one time and was left feeling frustrated. On top of that he was worried about losing his sight and knew surgery was the way to go, “I didn’t want it to go and I didn’t really want to wait.”

Before developing a cataract, Martin had never previously experienced problems with his sight, commenting “I used to have really good vision” but the problem became clear when on holiday with his wife, when getting a chance to relax, he realised he was struggling to read.  With being told that NHS waiting lists were up to nine or ten months, Martin didn’t want to get to the point where his vision could not properly be restored. Impressed by the finance options offered by Optical Express and valuing his sight as much as he does, Martin decided that choosing a private provider was by far the best option. “It’s much more value than having money in the bank, I’d rather have my sight.”

Only four weeks from his initial consultation in Dundee, Martin came to Glasgow for his surgery. Not knowing what to expect, Martin said the experience was made even better by the team making him feel so comfortable. Impressed by his experience, he explained “It was painless” and “the team were really, really good, and made me feel at ease.” Just 24 hours after his treatment, Martins sight already met DVLA standards.

Already recommending Optical Express to one of his colleagues he said, “I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.” Martin is so thrilled with his new sight, he says he is “looking forward to being able to see the world again properly!”