Patient Reviews

“It’s a pretty life changing experience.”

Matt Scott

Laser Eye Surgery
June 2014

International rugby player, Matt Scott started playing rugby at age 6 for his local club and made his International debut by the age of 18.

He began to notice a deterioration in his vision around the age of 17, particularly when playing rugby, and so decided to get his eyes checked. The results showed his prescription was -1 in each eye and he was also short sighted.

Matt had to rely on his contact lenses whilst playing rugby and without them, he struggled to make out finer details on the pitch which greatly affected his performance. However, contact lenses soon became an inconvenience when playing and as a result, he decided to opt for a more permanent vision correction solution and had laser eye surgery at Optical Express.

Prior to the surgery, Matt explained that he had absolutely no nerves regarding the procedure and talking to his surgeon, who provided him with all the information he needed in the lead up to his surgery date, made him excited to have the procedure done. Matt explained “I found comfort in the fact that it was quite a routine procedure, it wasn’t some mega, dangerous, high risk operation. He just made me feel like it was quite a simple routine and I’m sure he’s done hundreds, if not thousands of these operations and that kind of made me feel, you know, relaxed about the whole thing.”

Post-surgery, Matt couldn’t believe the results and was amazed at how clear his vision just 24 hours after the procedure.

He was delighted with the service he received at Optical Express and felt very well looked after by the team, praising them for making him feel good as well as being very informative. Matt explained “It’s a pretty life changing experience, if I’m honest. Just being able to see fully again and a lot of people take it for granted.”