Patient Reviews

“It has made such a difference to my life.”


Laser Eye Surgery
November 2012

Having struggled with poor eye sight for years, Michelle opted for laser eye surgery at Optical Express and was delighted with the service that she received.

From her initial consultation right through to her post-operative appointments, she explained how well looked after she was by the clinic team and how delighted she was with the care and attention they showed her.

Since having laser eye surgery Michelle hasn’t looked back and is thrilled that she no longer needs to live with the inconvenience of her glasses explaining; “The best thing about not having to wear glasses anymore is not having to wake up in the morning and try and remember where I put them the night before.”

Not only does she not have to worry about misplacing her glasses, but she now no longer needs to live with the annoyance of her lenses constantly steaming up obstructing her vision, or being unable to see when she goes for a swim, commenting; “It is such a weight off.”

Delighted with both her experience at Optical Express and the outstanding results of her surgery, Michelle wouldn’t hesitate to recommend laser eye surgery to anyone.  Speaking about her experience she explained; “If you’re thinking of laser eye surgery you should definitely just go for it, I am so glad I went ahead and had it done, it has made such a difference to my life.”