Patient Reviews

“I would honestly rate my experience at Optical Express as 10/10.”

Miguel Ortiz

Laser Eye Surgery
May 2014

As a professional swimmer, Miguel struggled with constant eye infections caused by his contact lenses. Whenever an infection occurred he was instructed to stay out of the pool which, not only was incredibly frustrating for him, but negatively impacted his swimming career by cutting into his season and affecting his performance.

He explained “Contact lenses had a massive effect on my daily life.”

Miguel’s mother previously had vision correction surgery with Optical Express a number of years previously and was highly impress with the results.  She urged Miguel to have the treatment done with the hope it would solve his issues with contact lenses and help to boost his career. 

Miguel came to Optical Express for a free consultation and was amazed at how clean and modern the clinic was. After the consultation he was told he was suitable for laser eye surgery and decided to go for it.

Post-surgery, Miguel was truly amazed at his results and just how quick the entire procedure was. He expressed; “The final results have had a huge impact in my everyday performance in the pool, I no longer have to worry about eye infections or losing contact lenses during the swim which is fantastic.”

Not only has laser eye surgery helped to enhance Miguel’s career but he has also noticed an improvement in his day to day life, describing the procedure as “life-changing.” When asked how he would rate his experience at Optical Express Miguel said “I would honestly rate my experience at Optical Express as 10/10.”