Patient Reviews

“My eyesight is even stronger than what it was with my glasses.”


Laser Eye Surgery
November 2020

Struggling with his vision from a young age, Mike was forced to wear glasses for years. He repeatedly failed his initial contact lens assessment tests meaning that contact lenses were not an option for him.

Spending a lot of time either running outdoors or exercising in the gym, he grew increasingly frustrated with the fact that he could not see properly without his glasses: “Depending on what the weather is, even if it’s sunny, you don’t want to wear glasses as they are not very comfortable when you are running. If it’s raining, again, they steam up or they get rain on them. The same applies to the gym, you don’t really want to have them on, but I felt like I had to.”

Motivated by getting engaged and the fact that his wedding was fast approaching, Mike decided to opt for a contact lens assessment again as he didn’t want to wear glasses on his big day. Once again he found himself unable to pass the initial test so, finally decided to make an appointment at his local Optical Express clinic after hearing that one of his friends recently received laser eye surgery and very much recommended it: “That was the main goal really, to shift the glasses before the wedding. I was recommended Optical Express by someone who just recently had it done, so I came for the appointments and was just amazed at how easy it seemed to be.”

Mike was also drawn to the iDesign technology available at Optical Express, feeling that it was superior technology to what other providers could offer.

Since undergoing his treatment Mike is over the moon with the results, achieving better than 20/20 vision within less than 24 hours after the surgery: “It has absolutely matched my expectations. Even the day after I woke up and I could see stuff that I sometimes could not even see with my glasses on. I feel like my eyesight is even stronger than what it was when I was wearing my glasses, and that’s only a day after.”

Mike said that he would absolutely recommend Optical Express to friends and family, commenting: “They have been amazing from start to finish. I was quite nervous about getting this done, and from when I came in for my first appointment to having it done, they have explained everything really well, they have made me feel really comfortable, and the eyesight that I now have just goes to show how brilliant this is. It’s really something I think everyone should look at.”