Patient Reviews

“My biggest regret is not having it done sooner.”


Private Cataract Surgery
January 2021

On every visit to the optometrist for his eye test, Nicholas noticed that his prescription was consistently deteriorating, resulting in him having to spend fortunes on brand new glasses at every appointment. Unfortunately for Nicholas, it was eventually discovered that he had developed cataracts in both eyes meaning his eyesight would continue to deteriorate if left untreated.

Being retired, Nicholas spends much of his leisure time in Spain playing tennis and paddle tennis where the hassle and inconvenience of his glasses would impact his enjoyment of the sports. Nicholas also began to feel the burden on his day to day life where he had no option but to rely on his glasses to enjoy many of his favourite pastimes including gardening, reading and watching television.  Eventually, Nicholas made the decision treat his cataracts and opted for private cataract surgery at the UK’s number one private provider, Optical Express.

Like many people, Nicholas carried out research before opting for surgery and spoke with other patients about their experiences. His research made him confident that cataract surgery with Optical Express was the right decision for him. Aiming to have the surgery done as soon as possible so that he could start living his retired life to the fullest, Nicholas was delighted to find out that at Optical Express he could receive treatment within a matter of weeks and didn’t hesitate to book his surgery date.

On the day of surgery Nicholas was over the moon with how attentive the staff were at the Optical Express clinic in Liverpool and how well he was looked after throughout the procedure. He expressed “The care and attention that they gave me was second to none, they did everything that they possibly could to make me feel at ease and recover.”

Since the surgery Nicholas has been absolutely thrilled with the results explaining “I’m really pleased with everything that was done…the world is clearer.” He only now appreciates just how poor his vision was prior to the surgery and couldn’t be happier with his visual outcome with his only regret being that he wished he had done it years ago.

When asked if he would recommend Optical Express Nicholas said “I’d highly recommend this surgery to family and friends. As I said before the anxiousness really isn’t needed because the staff explain everything, tenfold as to what’s actually happening and very, very professional.”