Patient Reviews

“I feel like I’ve just done something for the rest of my life.”


Laser Eye Surgery
March 2021

Nick had been wearing contact lenses for 18 years before deciding to opt for laser eye surgery. Besides growing tired of having to remember to bring them when going away for the weekend, he also found that his contact lenses were disruptive when playing sports or during cycle trips.

Eager to find an alternative vision correction solution that was more suitable to his active lifestyle, he decided to book in for a free consultation at Optical Express. “When you’re doing sports you always have to take spare ones in case one pops out. When you’re swimming you thought ‘Well, if I go underwater one might pop out’. I also do a lot of cycling and the wind gets in your eyes, and they become blurry,” he explains.

In addition to his active lifestyle, Nick also recently became a dad and says spending time with his daughter is now his main hobby. Wanting to enjoy this quality-time to the fullest, he grew more and more eager to rid himself of his poor vision. “My main hobby these days is going out with my daughter. You’re in the outdoors much more, so you want to see absolutely everything. You want to see her face, you want to see her smile. So, you want the best vision you can possibly get,” he says. As his brother had received surgery 15 years prior and had highly recommended it, Nick finally decided to opt for treatment and made an appointment at the Optical Express clinic in Cambridge.

Nick was more excited than nervous on the day of surgery, as he knew from his brother’s experience that the procedure would be quick and virtually pain-free. When he arrived at the clinic, he was delighted to find that staff members took the time to answer his questions and explained the process in more detail: “Everyone is really friendly and they will answer your questions. They explain to you as you go along. In the theatre, they were telling me what was happening, and how long it would be.”

Having achieved 20/20 vision, Nick is relieved that he won’t have to deal with poor vision and rely on his contact lenses any longer. “I can do my sports, I can play with my daughter, I can live my life without worrying about my eyesight,” he says. While he is eager to jump back into his active lifestyle, Nick is most looking forward to taking his daughter for a walk in the woods, enjoying the quality time spent together: “Just to be able to see absolutely everything. The frost, the trees, the leaves, and to see a little smile on her face.”

When asked if he would recommend the treatment to friends and family, Nick didn’t hesitate: “The staff were just so friendly and nice, they explain everything to you. You come along on the day, you go into a room for 15 minutes, you come out and your eyesight is amazing. I just feel like I’ve done something for the rest of my life.”