Patient Reviews

“I’ve literally just had an amazing experience.”


Laser Eye Surgery
December 2020

Nighat started wearing glasses from the age of 11 and partially switched to contact lenses in later years, but found she was never satisfied with either option.

“I wore contact lenses because I didn’t like glasses, I just didn’t look nice in glasses. Then eventually I decided I don’t want to wear either of them,” she explains. The final incentive to start looking into an alternative vision correction solution came during the global coronavirus pandemic, as wearing face coverings meant that her glasses would steam up, impairing her vision: “You put your mask on and you put your glasses on, and you can’t see anything as it steams up. I hated that. That’s probably the main thing that made me do it.”

Deciding to opt for laser eye surgery at Optical Express, Nighat was delighted with the support she received from staff members at her local clinic, taking the time to guide her through the process and answer any questions she had. “Just the few questions I had were instantly answered, no hesitation. They have been extremely helpful and extremely friendly. Even the surgeon was lovely,” she says. Receiving treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic, she was impressed with the measures that had been taken, commenting: “Especially during these circumstances, everything is just perfect, they’ve got everything in place.”

Hesitant to get rid of her glasses in the hours following surgery, she was surprised to find that her vision had already massively improved by the next morning: “I still kept my glasses next to me because I thought, just in case I can’t see, I might have to put them on. But no, I could see everything and I wasn’t expecting that.” Coming in for her first post-surgery check-up, she was delighted to hear that she had achieved better than 20/20 vision. “It’s really really clear. I genuinely don’t know what to say, it’s amazing,” she says.

Over the moon with her results, Nighat wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Optical Express to friends and family: “I would definitely recommend Optical Express as I’ve literally just had an amazing experience. Every penny was worth it. I feel amazing and am really happy that I can see. I’m going to make the most of the years that I have the 20/20 vision.”