Patient Reviews

"It’s just made my life so much easier."


Laser Eye Surgery
April 2021

Suffering from astigmatism, a common eye condition that causes distorted vision, Noah was forced to wear glasses from the age of 3. Working as a self-employed carpenter, he grew increasingly frustrated with his glasses, as they prevented him from wearing safety goggles and often impaired his vision through the build-up of debris and dust, making him feel unsafe.

Eager to rid himself of the constant hassle, he was delighted to discover that Optical Express can effectively treat corneal astigmatisms making him a suitable candidate for surgery.

Spending most of his spare time either playing rugby with friends or working up a sweat at the gym, he found that his glasses not only impacted on his work but also disrupted his active lifestyle. “It impacted my life in the way that I couldn’t play sports with my friends or it got in the way. They were just a general annoyance, they were in the way all the time,” he says. Impressed by the reviews he had read online, and delighted with the service he received when he came to see us for his free consultation, Noah didn’t hesitate and booked in for treatment at our Meadowhall clinic.

Feeling slightly nervous on the morning of surgery, he was relieved to find that our experienced team took the time to guide him through the process, answering any questions and alleviating his concerns: “The staff were brilliant all around. Everybody was really friendly and really nice. They couldn’t really do anything more for you.” Going into surgery, his nerves quickly subsided as he realised that the procedure was both quick and pain free. “The surgeon was counting down to when it was going to be ready, and I thought they were counting down for it to start, but it was actually for it to finish! There was no pain whatsoever, just a little bit of discomfort but nothing that I didn’t expect,” he comments.

Noah is over the moon with his new-found visual freedom and is looking forward to meeting his friends for a game of rugby. “Playing rugby with my friends, especially if the ball hits you in the face and breaks your glasses, that’s a massive cost on your pocket and it’s quite demoralising. It makes you feel more of a person really, having the correct vision, it’s brilliant. It’s just made my life so much easier.” Adjusting to life without glasses will take some getting used to, as he still finds himself reaching for them out of habit: “I did actually reach for my glasses, but when I got them in my hand I noticed that I could see without them. That was fantastic.”

Impressed with his results and the care he received throughout his journey to visual freedom, he immediately went on to recommend Optical Express to his mother: “I’ve been talking to my mother today who wears glasses, and she’s actually considering having it done seeing my success with it. I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to do it.”