Patient Reviews

“I felt valued - everyone was so welcoming!”


Laser Eye Surgery
November 2020

Ollie relied on contact lenses for his vision correction however they caused him great discomfort, making his eyes extremely dry. The biggest frustration was found was when wearing his contact lenses to the gym.  When exercising his eyes would quickly dry out meaning he frequently had to rely on eye drops.

He had always toyed with the idea of having laser eye surgery and when the inconvenience of contact lenses became too much, he took the decision to have laser eye surgery at Optical Express and couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome.  

On the day of Surgery Ollie felt slightly anxious but his great experience at the Optical Express clinic in Glasgow made him feel comforted; “As soon as I came through the front door everyone was so calming and polite and just kind of put me at ease.”

24 hours after his procedure, Ollie was back in the clinic for his post-operative surgery appointment and couldn’t believe the transformation in his vision in such a short space of time stating he felt like “I was in a dream.”

Since having laser eye surgery Ollie is looking forward to getting back into the gym with the relief of not having to rely on his contact lenses and eye drops. 

He was so thrilled with his experience he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Optical Express to anyone considering having vision correction surgery; “I would recommend Optical Express to family and friends because even though the procedure is something very quick, it’s wasn’t about the actual procedure, it was about the overall experience.”