Patient Reviews

"The whole process was near perfect."


Laser Eye Surgery
May 2021

Having worn contact lenses and glasses for most of his life, Peter finally decided that it was time to make a change after a stressful holiday abroad. His contact lenses left his eyes feeling dry and irritated in the warmer weather, and they prevented him from being able to go for a swim or enjoy some hassle-free time at the beach, so he was keen to opt for an alternative vision correction solution and booked in for a free consultation at Optical Express.

“I was on holiday, on the beach, and I had my contact lenses in and I thought ‘I can’t be doing this’. It was ruining my holiday really. I feel like they’re cutting through my eyes when you’re sweating, it’s not a nice feeling. And you can’t lie down, you can’t close your eyes. Never mind going for a swim, you’ve got to put that off the cards,” he explains. Besides preventing him from being able to enjoy a stress-free holiday, Peter also found that his contact lenses often got in the way when playing football: “Someone gives you a knock or something and your contact lens falls out, and I’m on the field looking for my contact lens.”

Growing increasingly keen to rid himself of his glasses and contact lenses, Peter’s parents finally decided to gift him laser eye surgery for his 21st birthday. Booking an appointment at our Liverpool clinic, he was treated by Dr Kazmi and was delighted with the care he received throughout the entire process. “He calmed me down, gave me a little stress ball, it was fine. He really put me at ease, I had a little chat with him before and he just talked me through everything. It was a good day and everyone made me feel nice and at ease,” he says.

As Peter had a particularly high prescription of -6 and -5.5, he was blown away by the difference in his vision after his treatment. “I can’t describe it, after so long of not being able to see it was a really strange feeling waking up and not having my glasses on the bedside table. It’s strange but it’s a great feeling, it’s unbelievable,” he comments. He is now looking forward to booking another holiday and enjoying a dip in the ocean and a nap on the beach: “I can’t wait to go on holiday and just lie on the beach, to be able to close my eyes without worrying about going to sleep with my contact lenses in. I can’t wait to get out swimming you know, I’m looking forward to it.”

Delighted with his journey at Optical Express, Peter has already recommended laser eye surgery to others: “One of my closest mate’s dad is looking to get his eyes done and I said to him ‘You’ve got to get this done’. I would definitely recommend Optical Express, just the whole process being near perfect. I’ve not had any problems, everyone’s been lovely to me. The surgeons and the people downstairs, everyone’s been fantastic to me. I couldn’t recommend them any more.”