Patient Reviews

“My eyesight is great. It has surpassed my expectations.”


Laser Eye Surgery
November 2020

Rebecca, a dance teacher from Manchester, had started to notice that poor vision was having an impact on her work. Deciding to book an eye appointment, she was advised to start wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses to improve her sight. With neither option being favourable, Rebecca decided to book a consultation to find out whether she would be suitable for laser eye surgery.

When reviewing all of her options, Rebecca found that the ongoing cost of having to wear contact lenses and/or glasses would soon start to add up and that opting for laser eye surgery would be the most economical choice for her in the long term. As her sister had previously received laser eye surgery at Optical Express and was delighted with the results, Rebecca finally made the decision to opt for treatment: “My sister had them done here and was really happy. She had terrible eyesight and she’s got brilliant eyesight now so, I just followed her.”

On the day of surgery, Rebecca was highly impressed with the service she received and was glad to find that staff members took the time to talk her through each stage of the process: “They talked me through the laser, let me hear the laser before, and talked me through each stage as they did it.”

The attentiveness of the team and the atmosphere at the Optical Express clinic in Bridgewater, Manchester made her feel completely at ease, with Rebecca commenting on how comfortable the experience had been: “The staff there were lovely and they had some music on, so it was nice and relaxing. Everyone was lovely and couldn’t help enough.”

The day after receiving treatment, Rebecca was surprised to find that her vision had already massively improved and that she no longer needed her glasses, saying that it surpassed her expectations. When asked if she would recommend laser eye surgery to others, she commented: “I would definitely recommend Optical Express to friends and family. Anyone who has had any eye issues, they’ve been really good.”