Patient Reviews

“I’ve achieved better vision than I ever thought I would.”


Laser Eye Surgery
July 2010

Richard relied on contact lenses for his vision correction for over 15 years.  The hassle and inconvenience of them however, became overbearing and he decided it was time to look for an alternative vision correction solution.

After doing some research into the procedure online as well as reading reviews from other patients who had also had the surgery, Richard decided to go with Optical Express for his treatment, the number one provider of laser eye surgery in the UK.

Since having the procedure, Robert has been enjoying his new found visual freedom and couldn’t wait to get back to doing the sports he loved, including rowing, without the inconvenience of his glasses and contact lenses getting in the way. 

Commenting on the results he achieved after laser eye surgery Richard said; “I’ve achieved better vision than I ever thought I would, it’s much better than I ever would have had with glasses or contact lens, absolutely blown away.”