Patient Reviews

“What I’ve had done is life-changing to me”


Lens Replacement Surgery
February 2022

Struggling with going between both glasses and contact lenses for over 15 years, Ricky decided it was time for a much needed change. Telling us that his sight was so bad that he “couldn’t see two feet in front of him” his lens replacement surgery has changed his quality of life for the better.

Working as a Yard Manager for a builder’s merchant, Ricky spends a lot of his day going in and out of a dusty environment, which gave him dry, itchy eyes and lead to him having problems with his contact lenses. He felt that after 15 years his eyes had begun to reject his contact lenses and between this and his work environment, Ricky had constant infections, leading to an eye ulcer. He recalls how the eye ulcer was “one of the most painful things I’ve ever had” which ended up causing permanent damage to his eye.

After years of struggling with glasses and contact lenses, Ricky had lens replacement surgery with Optical Express and is ecstatic at the results commenting, “Just to be able to walk around and see without anything on my eyes is absolutely brilliant”.

Ricky tell us that from start to finish the service he received from Optical Express was “first class”. From his initial consultation, the staff were “lovely people and really helpful”, he even had constant supportive phone calls on the lead up to the surgery “a lot of people along the way were really, really helpful”. On the day of the surgery although he was slightly apprehensive, the surgery was over quickly and he was made to feel comfortable and at ease by the staff at our White City clinic, “Everyone sort of made you feel at home and relaxed”.

Ricky tells us that he has never heard of anyone who has had laser eye or lens replacement surgery, that has a bad word to say about it, “Everyone has basically said you’re not going to believe the difference”. That is why he is urging anyone considering to have lens replacement surgery done to go ahead with it, “If anyone out there is thinking of having this done, contact lens wearers, honestly I would highly recommend it”.