Patient Reviews

“It was just so easy, so simple, and so straightforward."

Ricky Flynn

Lens Replacement Surgery
March 2019

Karting legend Ricky Flynn was tyre-d of keeping track of his reading glasses whilst managing a busy international karting team and decided to undergo laser eye surgery at Optical Express. A decision that has meant all systems for Ricky!

Ricky noticed a problem with his vision around 5 years ago and had to get reading glasses. He found them a hassle, often losing them as he attended to the various tasks associated with karting, from being at the side of the track, then analysing data, note taking and speaking to the drivers.

“It was always a bit of a mission trying to find and locate them at one part of the track,” Ricky says. He then found a compromise in contact lenses that allowed him to carry out near-sighted tasks such as reading and seeing the computer a lot easier. However, having to use his distance vision to see far away objects on the track was still proving difficult. “From there, I moved on and thought we’ve got do something about this.” He says.

This was compounded by the troubles he had off the track. “It was also difficult eating in restaurants, taking my glasses to read the menu or getting someone opposite me to try and hold the menu because I couldn’t see it, especially in poor lighting. Again it was time to think I just had enough of all of this, I’ve got to do something. It was always a case of not if, but when.”

Spotting a gap in his hectic schedule, Ricky booked his surgery at Optical Express. Was he worried? “I wasn’t worried about it at all and when I went for the consultation the lady I met with was absolutely fantastic and explained everything to me clearly. How the procedure works, what you do when you come in and went through it all step by step which was great.”

On the day of the surgery, things went just as smoothly for Ricky. “I turned up, checked in and met the Surgeon who explained what they were going to do, how they were going to do it and that was always very clear. “ He talks about the procedure itself, “I could feel things going on but not one bit of pain at all. It didn’t even feel sore that evening.”

Ricky felt the positive effects of his procedure the next morning. “When I woke up, it was like I’d already put the contacts in. I could see my phone clearly, a lot better than 12 hours before. It was just so easy, so simple and so straightforward.”

He has some advice for those who may be thinking of taking the next step towards laser eye surgery. “Please go and have it done. There’s nothing to be scared of, not one bit of pain and it does change your life afterward because all of a sudden you can see again. I just highly recommend it because for me there wasn’t one bit of pain, there wasn’t one drama, there wasn’t any hassle and the next day I was back at work. I could see better than I’d seen since I was a kid. Just go for it!”