Patient Reviews

“It’s a no-brainer to get lens replacement surgery.”

Robin Galloway

Radio Presenter, Lens Surgery Patient
July 2018

From glasses and contact lenses to LipiFlow dry eye treatment and laser, lens and cataract surgery, Optical Express patients receive a highly personalised service which tailors treatment to their individual needs. That’s something that radio broadcaster Robin Galloway discovered recently.

Scottish Radio DJ & Presenter, Robin is a past winner of the Best Radio Presenter in Regional Radio award at the New York Radio Festival. He’s just had lens replacement surgery – known as refractive lens exchange or RLE - at our state of the art Optical Express clinic in central Glasgow.

This type of surgery not only helps improve vision for patients with long or short sight, but can also be used to treat cataracts. During this ground-breaking procedure, the eye’s natural lens is replaced with a premium synthetic lens, letting the patient see clearly once more.

In Robin’s case, lens replacement surgery was used to help him see clearly at all distances. “I needed reading glasses and looked into going down the lens replacement route. Initially, the thought of having my lens taken out and replaced with a synthetic one really scared me,” he said.

An investment of over £500 million has been made in Optical Express clinics and technology, ensuring that the company’s ophthalmic surgeons have access to the most advanced methods in vision correction surgery.

Using superior diagnostic and surgical equipment, dedicated teams of highly skilled ophthalmologists carry out life-enhancing procedures every day at Optical Express, improving patients’ vision so that they can enjoy life to the full. In bright and modern clinics and stores across the country, expert optometrists are dedicated to finding the best vision solutions for their patients.

The sophisticated technology, quality of care and experienced surgeons all helped Robin to make the life-changing decision to go ahead with lens replacement. He smiled, “Once I had the procedure on the first eye, everything went amazingly well. When I took off the eye patch, I had the clearest sight I’ve had from as far back as I can remember.”

Patients can choose to have simultaneous bilateral RLE, where both eyes are treated at the same time, or delayed sequential RLE, where each eye is treated on a separate day, usually one day apart. Robin opted for the latter.

“I bounded back into Optical Express to get the second eye done,” he remarked. “If I’d had 3 eyes, I’d have got that one done as well!”

Exceptional clinical expertise, outstanding surgical outcomes and a comprehensive aftercare programme – patients can be certain that their vision is in the very best of hands at Optical Express. Providing a first class service in some of the most medically-advanced eye care clinics in the world, we help our patients to live life without limits.

Let’s give the last word to Robin, who couldn’t be happier with his RLE results. “It’s amazing and has really worked well. I’m delighted with the outcome, and delighted I went to Optical Express. It’s a no-brainer to get lens replacement surgery.”