Patient Reviews

“I can’t believe how clear everything is.”


Laser Eye Surgery
November 2020

Having worn glasses and contact lenses for nearly 20 years, Ross felt they had started to become more and more of a burden.

Being fond of playing football, as well as being a keen runner, he found that wearing his contact lenses sometimes made it difficult for him to remain focused: “If you’re playing football and your contact lens slips slightly, or if you get a wee bit of something in your eye, it’s having to try and clean your eye and not having a mirror to sort it. It’s things like that now, where I can go and play football and I don’t need to worry about if I get anything in my eyes.”

Also becoming increasingly frustrated with having to wear his contact lenses for a long period of time at work, which often resulted in dry and irritated eyes, he eventually started doing research into laser eye surgery. Wanting to talk through the process, he decided to book a free consultation at his local Optical Express clinic. 

Having now received treatment, Ross wishes he had done it sooner and was especially surprised to see the difference in how he perceives colours: “My biggest shock was the colours. I just couldn’t believe it, although I could see colours before, everything just seems brighter. It’s just vibrant and more colourful, as if it’s popping out at you.”

When asked about his experience on the day of surgery, Ross remarked that surprisingly, he found it to be very comfortable. While he was slightly apprehensive, he was quickly made to feel at ease by staff members: “There are always people coming to chat to you, making you feel at ease, running through the questions, and putting your mind at rest for anything you’ve got in your head that is maybe making you feel a bit scared.”

Ross has already recommended Optical Express to his twin brother and wouldn’t hesitate recommending laser eye surgery to the rest of his friends and family, commenting: “. I couldn’t believe how clear everything was. I’m chuffed, I can’t believe it! I would definitely recommend Optical Express to friends and family.”