Patient Reviews

"The staff were welcoming, they were so great to me."


Laser Eye Surgery
April 2021

Working as a commercial diver on submarines in Scotland, Russell found himself struggling with restricted vision underwater due to poor eyesight. Having to navigate challenging conditions, diving in low-visibility situations, and often working with small bolts and screws, he feared that his vision was impacting his efficiency.

Keen to find a solution that would allow him to carry out his work more effectively, he started looking into different options for his vision correction.

“We work on the submarines. It’s all engineering maintenance, so it’s with finicky bolts and things. Sometimes you’re looking at things and you can’t really see it all, because it’s up and above you and it’s a bit finicky. You turn your head to grab a tool and you turn back and you’re like ‘Oh my god, where’s it gone?’,” he explains. When one of his friends and fellow commercial divers opted for laser eye surgery, Russell decided not to wait any longer and booked in for a free consultation: “He was a commercial diver as well, and his vision has been spot on since. So, he recommended it to me.”

Russell was treated at our state of the art clinic in Glasgow and has been delighted with the service he received. “The staff were welcoming, they were so great to me. We went into the operating theatre and that’s where I got nervous when I sat in the seat, but the guys calmed me down and before I knew it, it was over.” Not knowing what to expect from the procedure, he was surprised to find that it took mere seconds to perform: “It was only 12 seconds on each eye, and I was only in there for a couple of minutes.”

Having complete visual freedom has boosted Russell’s confidence, and he is now looking forward to enjoying life without glasses. “Not having to worry about wearing my glasses or losing them or something, or driving as well. I lost my old set of glasses the other day and that stopped me from driving, so, I don’t have to worry about that anymore,” he comments.

Delighted with his experience at Optical Express, Russell wouldn’t hesitate to recommend laser eye surgery to others suffering from poor vision: “I would recommend Optical Express to my friends and family, or just anyone in general that’s thinking about getting it done, is a bit shy, or needs a confidence boost or something. It’s definitely the way to go.”