Patient Reviews

“I don’t have any regrets about having laser eye surgery, it has changed my life.”


Laser Eye Surgery
January 2012

Sanoobar always hated wearing glasses and had wanted to have laser eye surgery since she was 10 years old. Eventually she decided it was time start her journey to visual freedom and after doing some research and receiving many recommendations from friends, she decided Optical Express was the provider for her and booked a free of charge consultation at her local clinic.

After her consultation Sanoobar felt well informed and was confident that she knew exactly what the process would be throughout her laser eye surgery journey and went ahead and booked in for treatment.

After her surgery, Sanoobar was truly amazed to see the outstanding results in her vision and couldn’t believe she could read the time on the clock on her wall the next morning when she woke up, describing it as ‘amazing’.  She was so blown away by how great the results were that she didn’t hesitate in recommending the surgery to a friend who was also contemplating having the procedure done.

Sanaboor was over the moon with the service she received at Optical Express throughout her entire laser eye surgery journey.  She is now enjoying life to the maximum without the worry and hassle of her glasses and contact lenses and expressed, “This procedure has changed my life, I can wear eye makeup, I can wear sunglasses when it’s sunny. I don’t have any regrets about having laser eye surgery, it has changed my life, it really has.”