Patient Reviews

“I feel like telling everybody ‘I can see!’. It’s a big thing, it’s great.”


Laser Eye Surgery
December 2020

With contact lenses not being a suitable option for Sarah, she started wearing glasses in her late teens. Initially only needing them for driving, she found herself becoming increasingly dependent on them throughout her day to day life. When her glasses started to affect her at work Sarah consider opting for laser eye surgery.

“My job is sometimes kind of physical and I find glasses to be quite a hindrance. I go from different environments, weather-wise, and going from hot to cold makes them steam up, so I can’t see.”

Sarah had been considering treatment for a while and it was during the global coronavirus pandemic that she made the decision to have laser eye surgery. She found her glasses would constantly fog up when wearing face coverings and was struggling to see with and without them. Also motivated by the fact that her wedding was fast approaching, Sarah eventually decided to go for it: “I thought I didn’t want to wear glasses for my wedding, I don’t like contact lenses, and that combined with the mask issue was the last straw.”

Having spoken to several of her friends and colleagues, who had all received treatment at Optical Express and were delighted with their results, Sarah was excited to have the procedure. On the day of surgery, she felt slightly nervous but was quickly reassured when she arrived at her local clinic: “The clinic and the environment, everything was great. The staff were great and really friendly, welcoming, and did everything they could to put any nerves I had at ease and answer any questions I had. The surgeon was very personable, really calm and collected, and very informative.”

After her treatment, Sarah was surprised to see how quickly her vision had improved. When travelling the next day and wearing her face mask, she was delighted to realise that she didn’t have to worry about her glasses steaming up, commenting on how wonderful it had felt. She is now looking forward to doing all the things she couldn’t do previously while wearing glasses, and has planned a trip to Florida where she will really enjoy her newfound visual freedom: “I’m looking forward to being able to exercise, go to the gym, and go swimming and stuff, without having to worry about my glasses steaming up. And going to Florida and being able to go on rollercoasters and things like that!”

Sarah has already recommended laser eye surgery at Optical Express to her mum, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others: “I would definitely recommend Optical Express to friends and family because they’ve been caring, compassionate, and I’ve gone through the entire experience without any problems, it’s great. I’m over the moon with my vision, I feel like telling everybody ‘Oh my god, I can see!’ It’s a big thing, it’s great.”