Patient Reviews

“It just opened up a whole new world.”


Lens Replacement Surgery
March 2021

Suffering from poor vision, Sarah had lens replacement surgery in both eyes in 2013 followed by laser eye surgery in her right eye. Having a particularly high prescription, she found that wearing glasses became more and more daunting, as deteriorating eyesight meant that she was forced to wear increasingly thick lenses.

Also wearing varifocals, she was unable to find a pair that suited her, having to go back to her opticians on a regular basis as she struggled to get used to them. Desperate to find a solution that would rid her of the hassle and inconvenience of glasses, she decided to start looking into lens replacement surgery as an alternative.

“Wearing glasses for me was quite daunting really, because the worse my eyes got, the thicker the lenses were. I wore varifocals and I found them difficult at times, forever up and down with your head trying to find the point where you could actually read. I think I was just getting frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t find a pair of varifocals that suited me correctly. In the end I thought ‘Do you know what, I’m going to look into this’,” she explains.

Booking in for treatment at our Nottingham clinic, Sarah couldn’t fault the care she received throughout her journey with us. She was surprised to find that the procedure only took minutes to perform, commenting: “I was in the room and two minutes later it was like ‘You’re done’. I was like ‘Wow’”. Just hours after surgery, Sarah was ecstatic when she realised that she was already experiencing clearer vision, as she could finally see the television without the need for her glasses. “I was frightened to take the eye patch off, but as they took it off I thought, ‘Yeah, I can see’. I could have sat and cried, because I knew I could see the television,” she says.

Having had complete visual freedom for over 7 years now, Sarah feels like it has opened up a whole new world to her: “Before I used to have to put my mascara on but then put my glasses on to make sure I’d got my make-up on right, because obviously you can’t wear your glasses while you’re putting your mascara on. So, something like that. And then you walk into a pub and you haven’t got to squint and text someone ‘Where are you sitting?’. Now I’m more confident all-round.”

Sarah was so impressed with Optical Express that she immediately went on to recommend it to one of her friends and her daughter Lucy, who have now both received treatment. “I just think that the care they give you here is second to none. I think they are a great team, so I would definitely recommend it. It’s given me a whole new lease of life,” she comments.