Patient Reviews

“The biggest change for me was probably my daughter.”


Laser Eye Surgery Patient
November 2020

Simone has been wearing glasses for the last few years and was looking for a change.

The turning point was having her daughter and not being able to see and partake in many activities with her. Simone had had enough and it was time to make a difference so that she could enjoy every experience with her daughter without having to worry about her glasses.

Simone says “The biggest thing for me was probably my daughter. We go swimming a lot and when we go swimming I can’t see a thing because I can’t obviously, wear my glasses…my partner gets to experience all the fun of that whereas I can’t.”

Like most people, Simone done a lot of research before going for the surgery. Simone explained “Optical Express came out on top for mainly customer satisfaction but also for the price.” Simone went to Edinburgh for her initial assessment and expressed how the staff were “amazing, really reassured me and that’s what made me go with you.”

Pre-surgery Simone felt a mixture of emotions, she explained how simple and quick the procedure was. The day after her surgery Simone had a test and was thrilled to find out that her vision was “better than 20:20.”

Finally Simone was so happy with her treatment and stated “I would recommend Optical Express to family and friends moving forward, especially for laser eye surgery.”