Patient Reviews

“The experience with the team from the initial phone call to the check up today has been brilliant.”


Laser Eye Surgery
February 2021

Stephen relied on contact lenses and glasses for vision correction but the hassle and upkeep of the routine became increasingly frustrating for him.

Spending hours on end at the computer for work, Stephen found that each day around lunchtime his eyes would begin to feel uncomfortable and irritated due to his contact lenses drying out his eyes.  He explained; “I work long hours and I play sport as well so it can impact your eyes and they get tired. Looking into the screen a lot and playing sports your contact lenses can fall out etc.”

After moving house, Stephen had to find a new optometrist and change his contact lens subscription. It was this hassle, as well as the fact that his prescription had changed requiring him to get new glasses, that made him decide to look into a more permanent vision correction solution and opted for laser eye surgery at Optical Express, the UK’s number one provider.

Having spoken with other patients, prior to his surgery, who had also had the treatment and whose feedback was extremely positive, Stephen was excited to finally experience visual freedom for himself. Before surgery, he explained, “I was nervous but it was also a bit of exciting.”

On the day of surgery, the team at the Optical Express clinic in Liverpool made him feel completely at ease, walking him through each part of the process, making sure he was happy and understood everything that was happening. He explained that this lead up to his surgery made the experience ‘a smooth process’.

Having a keen interest in technology, he was blown away by the world-class technology available at Optical Express, remarking “I work in and around technology, so, I was yeah for sure looking at what the machines were, how detailed the sort of scans on your eyes, the different machinery that you walk through, it was impressive.”

Just 24 hours after surgery, Stephen could see a significant improvement in his vision. Post-surgery he explained, waking up and not having to reach for his glasses and being able to see clearly into the distance was amazing for him. He is now looking forward to going to football matches and concerts, being able to see who is playing without having to rely on contact lenses or glasses.

When asked if he would recommend Optical Express, Stephen wouldn’t hesitate, commenting; “Yes, I would recommend Optical Express to my friends and family. The experience with the team from the initial phone call to the check-up today has been brilliant.”