Patient Reviews

"It’s like night and day, coming in here and going private."


Lens Replacement Surgery
March 2021

Working as a plasterer and being fond of fishing in his spare time, Stephen grew increasingly worried and frustrated when his vision started deteriorating quickly from the age of 45. Forced to start wearing glasses to correct his vision, he found that they were having too big an impact on his day-to-day life and that he struggled to get used to them.

Eager to opt for an alternative vision correction solution, he booked in for a free consultation at Optical Express and was delighted to find that he was a suitable candidate for lens replacement surgery.

“It affected my job and my hobbies. Obviously, with the weather, you’re raking for your glasses before you can do anything in the rain. It was something that I couldn’t get used to at all. Even to tell the time I was having to find my glasses. I had great vision right up until I was 45 and then there was a blow that made me want to do something about it,” he explains.

Booking in for treatment at our Glasgow clinic, Stephen felt very positive on the day of surgery and was excited to find out what the results would be. While he was slightly nervous, as he didn’t know much about the procedure yet, he was delighted with the support he received from staff members, commenting: “When I got here I was put at ease straight away by the people downstairs. The guy was brilliant, Martin I think his name was, he put you at ease straight away and then you just felt like you were in good hands.”

Within less than 24 hours after treatment, Stephen was delighted to find that he was already experiencing clearer and brighter vision, and that it continued to improve by the hour. “First thing this morning and then every hour it’s getting better and better. Coming in and having my check-up, it’s as good as it can be the day after, which has made me feel good about the whole situation,” he says.

Glad that he made the decision to opt for private treatment, Stephen wouldn’t hesitate to recommend lens replacement surgery at Optical Express to friends and family: “It was absolutely excellent. The process, putting you at ease, and how it could be done. Everything was fantastic. It’s like night and day, coming in here and going private because you’re treated special. I would recommend it to anybody. Hopefully, it’s a turning point for me.”