Patient Reviews

“Life’s for living, why sit around and wait?”


Private Cataract Surgery
January 2021

Steve lived with poor vision for years and found he was having to adjust his life to cope with the struggle of being unable to see, even for the most basic of day to day tasks. As a busy father and grandfather, he prides himself on being able to help with DIY repairs but found himself struggling to see intricate details, and relied on a magnifying glass to help complete even the smallest of jobs.

As an engineer, Steve was highly reliant on his glasses at work and was caught out on several occasions where he had forgotten his glasses, leaving him unable to carry out his job for the day. As the inconvenience of his deteriorating eyesight increased, Steve decided it was time to make a change and went to his local Optical Express clinic to learn more about his vision correction choices.

On his visit, it was identified that Steve had underlying cataracts which were the cause of his vision loss. As cataracts run in his family, he was well aware of the impact cataracts can have on a person’s quality of life and choose to avoid letting his eyesight deteriorate any further, opting for lens replacement surgery with Optical Express. He explained, “Gaining better sight and getting rid of cataracts it’s like two operations in one.” With over £500 million invested in our clinics and advanced technology, Steve was confident in choosing Optical Express to carry out his surgery.

Steve was treated at the state of the art Optical Express clinic in Liverpool where he was absolutely delighted with the service and care he received, “The team were seamless, it was clockwork. I just couldn’t believe the time.” Post-surgery, Steve is now fully enjoying the benefits of visual freedom and can help with all types of DYI jobs requested by his children and grandchildren commenting; “Now, I know I can read the small print and I’ll be able to get the tools to see.” 

Delighted with his experience, Steve is happy to recommend Optical Express and is confident his friends and family will be booking a consultation to start their own journeys towards better vision. At Optical Express consultations are free and you can speak to one of our experienced clinicians to find out more information and if you are suitable for the treatment. In the words of Steve “Life’s for living why sit around and wait?”