Patient Reviews

“It was instant, as soon as I got up I could see across the room.”


Laser Eye Surgery
October 2012

Sue lives an active lifestyle and loves many hobbies and pastimes including gardening, reading and walking her dog.  She relied on contact lenses from the age of 21 to correct her poor vision but as she grew older they began to irritate and dry out her eyes leaving her dependent on glasses.

Fed up with painful eyes and the hassle of her glasses, Sue decided to opt for an alternative, more permanent vision correction solution.

Having contemplated having laser eye surgery for a number of years, Sue was excited to attend her initial consultation at her local Optical Express clinic where the team provided her with all the information she needed about the procedure.  Taking time to digest the information from her consultation appointment, Sue decided to go for it and was confident in her decision to have the procedure done with Optical Express, the UK’s number one provider of laser eye surgery.

On the day of the surgery, Sue spoke with her treating surgeon who covered any concerns she had and answered all of her questions.  She was amazed by how quick the procedure was, being in the surgery room for only 20 minutes.

Describing the experience Sue said; “It was like magic because it had worked, it was instant as soon as I got up I could see across the room.”

Delighted with the results of her treatment Sue said “I don’t have any regrets at all, it was a very simple procedure, much more so than I had anticipated.”