Patient Reviews

"My surgeon was so experienced, knowledgeable, and highly professional."


Lens Replacement Surgery
April 2021

Finding that her vision had started to deteriorate in recent years, Tracy relied on multifocal glasses to see both short and long distance. Being fond of endurance sports, and frequently participating in triathlon events, she grew increasingly frustrated with the way her glasses were impacting her performance.

Keen to find an alternative solution that would be more suitable to her active lifestyle, she started looking into lens replacement surgery at Optical Express.

“I enjoy doing outdoor sports, and I enjoy doing a triathlon. I found that my training was getting affected by my lack of ability to see very well, so that was the catalyst for going ahead and getting the surgery done,” she explains. As her sister has also had laser eye surgery and is delighted with the positive impact it has had on her day-to-day life, Tracy decided not to wait any longer: “She’s had no trouble with it whatsoever and she’s greatly enjoyed sending me pictures of her choosing non-prescription sunglasses and showing off. She’s just loving it and it hasn’t been an issue for her at all.”

Receiving treatment at our Chelmsford clinic, Tracy couldn’t fault the care and service she received throughout her journey with Optical Express. “Every step of the way has been extremely professional, they obviously know what they’re doing. My surgeon was so experienced, knowledgeable, and highly professional,” she says. Coming in for her check-up the following morning, she was ecstatic to learn that she has now achieved 20/20 vision.

Over the moon with her new-found visual freedom, she is keen to start training for triathlons with a lot more confidence. “I just feel really free. I can’t wait to go running. I usually follow a program so I have my little instructions on my watch. So, as I’m running I might pull my glasses out and put them on to check where I’m at. I won’t have to do that anymore. So, I’m very happy!”

Tracy wouldn’t hesitate to recommend lens replacement surgery to those looking for an alternative to outdated vision correction solutions such as glasses and contact lenses: “If you can afford it, just go for it. It’s just the freedom, and your health is so important. People would spend this sort of money on going on holiday, and yes holiday adds value to your life, but you’re living with your eyes every moment of the day and night, and it impacts everything you do. So yeah, why not prioritise it?”