Patient Reviews

“I really would recommend anyone to have it done.”


Lens Replacement Surgery
May 2019

Trudy had been wearing glasses for years, however, as she grew older she noticed that her vision was becoming increasingly worse. Deciding that she wanted to find a more convenient vision correction solution than her glasses, she came to Optical Express for lens replacement surgery.

Often forgetting her glasses when she was out and about, Trudy found that they were becoming too much hassle in her day to day life. She explains “It was just always ‘Have I got the right ones with me?’ When I was doing things and looking panoramically, you know, I had one pair and then if I needed to read something I used to have to take them off so I’d leave them places, forget to pick them back up. So, yes, it wasn’t a confidence thing or impacting on what I was doing just more of the nuisance and always making sure I had the right ones with me.”

She initially came to Optical Express with an eye condition and whilst in the clinic enquired about the possibility of having vision correction surgery. She was invited to come for a free consultation and was delighted to find out that she was suitable for lens replacement surgery.

On the day of her surgery, Trudy was apprehensive however, her feelings of nerves were quickly dispersed when she arrived at the clinic. “The staff are just fabulous. They know exactly the right things to say and how to explain everything. So, it gave me a lot more confidence to go ahead with the surgery”

After her surgery, Trudy couldn’t believe the difference in her vision. “The clarity of things that normally I’d probably look at out of my window without my glasses on just suddenly came to the forefront.”

When asked if she would recommend Optical Express for lens replacement surgery Trudy commented, “They made everything for me comfortable, helped me through the whole procedure and I really would recommend anyone to have it done.”