Patient Reviews

“It has given me the eyes of my youth.”


Private Cataract Surgery
January 2021

When William noticed that his distance vision had started to deteriorate rapidly in the space of only four to five months, he didn’t hesitate and made an appointment at his local Optical Express clinic in Liverpool. Learning that he had cataracts forming in both eyes, he decided to opt for private cataract surgery to restore his vision.

“I had failing vision and it seemed to go rapidly, it wasn’t a gradual thing. I could see and then suddenly over the period of four or five months, it started to go, with regards to distance. I went over to the Liverpool branch and they told me that I had cataracts forming, which is not a good deal.”

While he was slightly apprehensive on the day of surgery, he was quickly reassured when he arrived at his local clinic. “I was treated very well, they calmed any apprehensions I had and I went into the surgery feeling quite relaxed,” he says. He was surprised to find that his vision improved rapidly, being both clearer and brighter just three hours after receiving treatment: “I went back to the hotel, lay down on the bed, and about two or three hours later I looked out of the shield and could see as clear as day. I could see the lights on the other side of the road and I could see the TV. And it’s just got better since then.”

William is over the moon with the results of his private cataract surgery, as he feels that it has massively improved his quality of life: “Having had this vision correction, it’s given me the eyes of my youth. For me, it’s made me a little more contented in my grumpy old age.” Delighted with his restored vision, he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the treatment to others. “It’s literally transformed my life, driving at night now is a pleasure. Waking up in the morning and pulling the curtains back, you can see so clearly. It’s made a hell of a difference to what I’ve got left of my life,” he says.

William’s wife didn’t wait long with booking her treatment at Optical Express and has now received private cataract surgery as well. While she was very apprehensive at first, she decided to go for it when she learned from William that the procedure had been without any pain or discomfort. “It’s totally pain-free. I mean, my wife has just had hers done and she was very apprehensive because she is inherently a coward, but she had them done yesterday,” he jokes. “Even though she only had it yesterday, she seems more than happy with what’s going on,” he continues.