Patient Reviews

"I can’t believe I can see the results already. It really is life-changing for me."


Laser Eye Surgery
November 2020

Zoe wore glasses for over 10 years before deciding to opt for laser eye surgery. Finding her glasses were becoming more and more of a nuisance as she grew older, Zoe started longing for the sensation of being able to see without them.

“Going anywhere where it was hot, they would fog up. Going on holiday and needing prescription sunglasses, it was a lot of work and it just became a bit of a chore to wear them.”

While she had considered laser eye surgery for years, having to wear face coverings due to the global pandemic finally made her decide to go for it. As her glasses were constantly fogging up when wearing a mask, she struggled to see both with and without them when she was out and about: “Everywhere I went my glasses were fogging up. I couldn’t see with them on, I couldn’t see with them off, and it was just the final trigger to get it done.”

Having done extensive research into the different options that were available to her, Zoe eventually decided to have her surgery done with Optical Express, the UK’s leading provider, due to the ability to enhance her treatment with iDesign technology. iDesign is a highly advanced customised treatment option that removes your prescription 25 times more accurately than contact lenses or glasses.

While she was nervous when she woke up on the day of surgery, she was quickly reassured by staff members when she arrived at her local clinic: “One of the nurses actually sat down with me and explained everything again to me. She totally reassured me when I was getting all my tests down downstairs. As soon as I came upstairs I got to chat with the surgeon. He totally put me at ease and answered all my questions.”

Having now received treatment, Zoe was surprised by how smoothly everything went and how quickly she was able to see without her glasses, noting that it really surpassed her expectations: “I still can’t believe it was as easy to get my eyes fixed as it was. Even noticing the difference just today when I woke up, I didn’t have to reach for my glasses. It really is life-changing for me.”

She is now most looking forward to being able to go on holiday and swim in the sea, without having to choose between the inconvenience of having to wear her glasses while in the water or not being able to see at all.

When asked if she would recommend Optical Express for laser eye surgery, Zoe commented: “For me personally, it has been life-changing. I would recommend Optical Express specifically because of the iDesign and for the fact that I’ve noticed the results straight away and the staff have been great.”