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How much is laser eye surgery really?

Laser eye surgery is a quick and safe way to live a life free from your glasses and contact lenses. Before discussing price, patients often ask if they are eligible for treatment. At Optical Express, we are pleased to inform our patients that over 85% of adults are suitable for a refractive procedure1. However, no two patients are the same. We all have individual prescriptions and different requirements to suit our lifestyles. The cost of a patient’s treatment depends on their prescription and the type of treatment they are clinically suitable for.

Am I suitable for laser eye surgery?

The best way to determine if you are suitable for laser eye surgery is to book a free consultation with an experienced Optical Express optometrist. Your optometrist will recommend the most appropriate treatment for you based on your prescription during this consultation.

If you are informed that your prescription is not suitable for laser eye surgery, there are alternative vision correction options available, for example, lens replacement surgery. Patients over the age of 40 will often be advised to consider lens replacement surgery because this procedure will suit their vision correction needs and is an increasingly popular treatment used to correct both distance and near vision sight imperfections. Lens replacement surgery is also used to help patients with cataracts, removing their cataracts and enabling them to see the world clearly again.

At Optical Express, we treat more patients than all other national providers in the UK and Ireland combined. Our patients can be confident that an experienced, highly skilled ophthalmic surgeon is performing their procedure.

How much is laser eye surgery?

A great way to think about the cost-effectiveness of laser eye surgery is to consider the amount you currently spend on purchasing glasses and contact lenses. A patient’s prescription may mean that they require more than one pair of glasses, or perhaps they use both glasses and contact lenses. And there are also prescription sunglasses to factor in. Over time, the cost will start to mount up. On average, the cost of laser eye surgery is the equivalent of three years spent on contact lenses2. It is worth bearing in mind that laser eye surgery removes the ongoing costs of eye treatment, including glasses, contact lenses, and prescription sunglasses.

During your free consultation, your optometrist will perform a thorough check of your eyes using our advanced testing technology. These tests allow your optometrist to look at the unique characteristics of your eyes, as well as check your prescription and eye health. They will go over your reasons for seeking visual freedom and make a recommendation for the best type of treatment for you based on your prescription, eye health and lifestyle.  

Are LASIK and LASEK the same price?

The cost of laser eye surgery will vary for each patient as it depends on the type of treatment you're having and your current eyesight prescription. Thanks to advancements in technology, laser eye surgery has become increasingly affordable. Plus, there's the option of spreading the cost using finance so patients can work out an affordable monthly amount and pay for their treatment over time. The ability to pay for treatment using finance allows even more patients to undergo this life-changing procedure.

The price of laser eye surgery depends on treatment type and prescription. LASIK is the most commonly performed procedure, thanks in part to its quick recovery time and prices starting at £1,295 per eye. In simple terms, LASIK is performed using two lasers. The first laser creates a flap on the outer layer of the cornea, the second laser is used to correct the patient’s prescription before the surgeon gently replaces the flap which acts as a protective layer while the eye heals naturally. Most LASIK patients return to normal activities the following day.

LASEK starts at £595 per eye. LASEK, also known as PRK is an effective treatment for many patients. It differs from LASIK in that no flap is created, the surface area of the cornea is loosened and a laser reshapes the cornea and corrects the prescription. The initial recovery period with LASEK is 3 to 4 days longer than LASIK.

How much is laser eye surgery with iDesign?

Optical Express is the only national provider to offer iDesign to laser eye surgery patients. iDesign is an advanced technology that creates a 3D map of your eye by capturing over 1,200 micro readings. It corrects your prescription 25 times more accurately than your glasses and contact lenses, and it allows our surgeons to treat higher and more complex prescriptions than ever before.

At Optical Express, we offer iDesign as an addition to either LASIK or LASEK. The starting price for both LASIK and LASEK with iDesign is £1,495 per eye. Your optometrist will discuss iDesign with you in detail at your free consultation and explain why it may be the best option for you.  

How much is laser eye surgery with astigmatism?

Laser eye surgery can correct short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism. Astigmatism is a common condition caused by a curved cornea or irregular shaped lens, often resulting in blurred vision. Astigmatic patients can also experience headaches and eye strain if the condition is left untreated. Laser eye surgery is a popular choice for patients suffering with astigmatism. The cost of treatment for patients with astigmatism starts from only £595 per eye and will vary dependant on prescription and treatment type. Your optometrist will recommend the best treatment type for you at your free consultation.

How much is laser eye surgery medication and aftercare?

Following laser eye surgery, your aftercare is just as important as the surgery itself. At Optical Express, we are with you every step of the way to ensure your recovery is on track and answer any questions you have about your laser eye surgery outcome.  The cost of your treatment includes a number of aftercare appointments within the first 12 months which are carried out in the clinic or by telemedicine. Following your surgery, you will be provided with the required medication and given instructions on how these should be used. Any required medication is included as part of your treatment cost.

If you decide to attend a surgery follow up appointment out with your initial 12 months then a modest fee will be charged. The cost of a follow up consultation with an optometrist is £100 or £200 with an ophthalmic surgeon. After 12 months we continue to recommend annual eye examinations to patients who have undergone laser eye surgery.   

Over 85% of patients who attend a consultation at Optical Express are suitable for a vision correction procedure such as laser eye surgery so there’s a good chance that you will be too. Take the next step to seeing the world more clearly and book your free consultation today.

1Based on 57,346 consultations attended at Optical Express between 1st January 2017 and 31st December 2017, 85.2% of patients were found to be suitable for a refractive procedure.

2Example based on a – 1.00DS myopic prescription.

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