What is Choroidal Nevus (Freckle Behind Eye)?

Choroidal Nevus (Freckle Behind Eye)

A choroidal nevus is a freckle in the back of the eye. There are no obvious symptoms of having one—they can only be seen by an eye specialist.

There is a slight risk of a choroidal nevus becoming cancerous, like any mole or freckle. This is why your optician will help you pay close attention to it.

A choroidal nevus is essentially a flat, coloured area that can appear on the back of your eye after birth. It is not known for sure what causes them to develop.

What are the symptoms of Choroidal Nevus?

  • No obvious symptoms

What are the causes of Choroidal Nevus?

  • It is not know what causes a choroidal nevus to develop

How do you treat Choroidal Nevus?

  • A non-cancerous choroidal nevus requires no treatment